Pro three Listening Devise

$299.00 $280.00

Now Records what you hear with the Sound Pro III shotgun microphone!

2GB Internal storage / 530Hrs Record time.

The Sound Pro III shotgun microphone is our most powerful unidirectional microphone system. 
Includes a 10" microphone actually is two microphones in one. One high power 
microphone element faces forward to capture sounds that are "aimed" at. 
The second microphone "cancels" noises coming in from the sides, thereby 
creating the "extended range" effect. The Sound Pro III shotgun microphone features a background 
noise filter switch and output jack for Headphones, comes complete with 
microphone handle, Premium digital quality headset, slide lock hard carry case.

Press record and capture every sound. This compact and convenient 
digital voice recorder goes wherever you do to confidently capture and store
audio with a built-in 2GB flash memory providing up to 530 hours of recording 
time, plus additional storage available through the microSD™ memory card slot 
(memory card sold separately). With Intelligent Noise Cut technology greatly 
reducing background noise, your recordings will be crisp and clear in quality. 
Other features include Voice Operated Recording technology, a built-in speaker 
and an easy-to-read display. So slip this digital voice recorder into your 
pocket and know you'll never miss a beat—even during the longest sessions.